About Me

I am mentally indipendent, financially indipendent, spiritually free, immune to religions,
in other words a looser who's lost everything a man can and survived.
Nothing can kill me anymore except death so while I wait for death to come
I am having the best time of my life.
I am my own owner, king of my dreams capable to tell the truth as it is not as I wish it was.
I fear nothing but betray my own principles, I mean what I say I say what I mean and sometimes I lie too.
I am still wrong but I am getting better by the day.
If happens you read some of my poems you get a full picture of this stubborn little sardinian
who in spite of the odds had become the hero of himself. poor Narcyssus if he'd just knew it.

I have two married sisters that live in Sardinia, two others that live in Rome
and a Brother that lives in Swansea (Wales).
I don't communicate very much with them because my brothers in law always criticise my life style
all what I could have and I don't have, all what I could have done and I didn't.
They never say anything about the languages I speak the skills I have learned,
the people I met in my life, the countries I have visited and the human esperience I have gathered in my life.
I have a eighteen years old son that lives in london with his mother and he is the only parent
I love more than myself , we love the same things , we share the same passions.
With him I have the relationship of my dreams. As for friends and girlfriends
I met lots of people in my life but none of them is currently part of my life.
My relations don't last very long due to my perennial vagabond state of mind.
But they are mind-blowing intense. The main reason is that I like lots of different things in practice while almost all the rest of humans
go for one thing at time, and only in theory. for example: Gym goers are all GYM GYM GYM,
Disco goers are all dance, dance, dance, drugs, drugs, drugs.
School goers are all study study study and I know everything bullshit.
Sports fanatics don't practice sports, watch them and shout and yell while watching
insult each other, some times kill each other, feel brave about it and then take to the streets
protest about warmakers and terrorists and bla bla bla. (why? are they better than terrorists
and general war makers?) So because I dont want to be associated to any violent time wasters
culture I am most of the times alone. Alone without regret. My motto is : The world can't give what I like? Fine I refuse what is giving me!


Why more about me ? Because you want to know how old I am, how tall I am
what is my job and how much I earn etc...etc.
I am fiftytwo years old , five foot five inches tall.
I like roller-skating, make some stunts and learn some new ones,
I like ice-skating, ride my motorcycle,
challange my own physical and mental achievements.
I love walking in the parks of London, travel, work out in the gym,
I like cinemas (specially action films), I like cooking, writing poems when I feel like it and
I like to share my experiences with others and learn from other people experiences.
Ah ! sorry just about to forget I like dancing,
I have some experience in Flamenco, rock and roll,
some lambada and almost twenty years of disco addiction.

My dearest posessions are: three pairs of different roller-skates, two pair of ice-skates,
A honda hornet half faired (just stolen) but about to buy a new one.
I perform lots of lovely stunts with my toys, especially with the motorbike
I don't tell you how fast I ride it and where because you will tell the cops. A music Keyboard (yamaha PSRK1) and about 24 vases of plants and herbs
I love fresh herbs in my dishes and to look at my exotic plants.
Some of my achievements:
I have been chef-coock from the age of eighteen to the age of thirtyone,
I worked and lived in Spain (I speack Spanish very well),
worked and lived in Germany (never learned that language),
learned a respectable level of french (I have had two french girl friends). From the age of thirtyone to the age of thirtynine,
I worked as a waiter and as a restaurant manager.
As I was granted divorce, I went back to education at the tender age of thirty-eight.
Failed the Stage Craft Course at Bethnall Green College,
achieved a Marketing Diploma at City College,
passed in style a Travel and Tourism Course at City of Westminster College,
become one of the best Travel agents in London at Condor Travel in Earls Court Road
and because it was not enough I managed to be employed by an airline company
at the age of fothyfour.
Because trying to make money working for airlines nowdays is like trying to get blood from a stone,
after a year I left.( Hey ! don' believe a word when they say that September the 11th has ruined the business,
they were all in the deep s**t many years before and waiting for an opportunity to say so and ask compensation
to the various governments and guess what! The various governments knew it.
But you'll read more about this on my comments page.")
So I had become a Bus driver for nearly four years, Now I am a lorry driver too
already passed (first attempt) my LGV II licence, my aim is to gain the lgv1 licence so I can drive articulate lorries.
(And doonly the driving, no delivery, no loading and unloadind because my hurt left shoulder hurts.)
Wich means a lots more money and after six months I can drive across Europe
visit some countries I would like to, while earning money instead of spending it.
am I expecting too much am I ? Well I think I am.
By the way the 17th of jannuary 2003 I was attacked by a madman while driving a London bus
on route 220 in full day light in Harlesden
I came out with a frozen shoulder and the specialist said it will take at least two years to recover, I want to prove him wrong, I will make it in one year and a half....

Two years later, I am here at DCT studying a computer training course paid for by the government
under the new deal scheme,
I learned HTML, Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript and Flash Macromedia.
I have riconstructed my web site from the old one, using my programming skills
and the 5th of September I am back to work. Office work? Nope! Computer programmer? No!
An Italian Restaurant in East London.
Why a Restaurant?
Because I am safe from madmen and general bus drivers abusers
And no office job so I am also safe from the ass-lickers culture.
There are some unsociable hours to work but we can't have it all can we
Not even God has had it all, if you think that (according to the main religion books),
God said I am the only God for you to whorship. And we all now there are people who
whoships some kind of other deity and everyone claims theirs is the only true God
I am lucky I don't have a God so I can get well with everybody