Advertising my love

If you are looking for the right man,
I'll give you more than anybody can.
I'll make you feel floathing on an heavenly ride
when you walk on the street by my side.
Then I'll take you to the garden of my soul.
"exotic flowers, inebriant scent you'll love recall".
A golden bench is there for you to sit on,
a full silver moon for you shinning on.
The garden of my soul is watered by the morning dew,
day time is sunny I made it up just for you.
My soul don't know the falling of the rain
on you my moon won't shinne on invain.
Welcome sweet girl to the depth of my heart
You can do what you want even tear it apart

I was signing on at Camden Job Centre and used to improve my income with some strip-tease jobs here and there in London, for a while I have been doing some strip-tease at Mandra Taverna, a Greek Restaurant just off Tottenham Court Road, then at Paparazzi Restaurant in Potters Bar and at La Vendemmia Restaurant ( now called Il Punto ) in Winchmore Hill. Back then I used to dance at dancing schools like The London Swing Society, Le Rock ( a french version of rock and roll ) and various others. Modesty was never my cup of tea and then I thought of my self as irresistible. I wanted to write the lyrics for a song about it and due to my unlimited sense of humor I wanted to make it a mockery. Luckly none of the girls that red it took me seriously because I coudn't live up to my promises.