All That Bull!

Home after work, opened the window removed my tie
Thrown the television right out in the sky.
No sense of remorse no sense of sin
The TV plunges down right into the bin.
With the licence fee bought a pair of roller-skates
To have fun in the park with some of my mates.
The wind blowing on my face sense of freedom in my mind.
So I can keep away from manipulation and lies of any kind.
Away from all the nonsense that clerics preach.
away from all the hatred TV programmes teach
Away from all the lies that politicians tell
away from all the rubbish that merchants sell
No more hatred no more lies
no more rubbish for my eyes
I am surfing on the street like a surfer on the wave
Play my notes as I move in my imaginary stave.
Away from all the bullshit clerics preach
All the bullshit TV programmes teach
All the bullshit the merchants sell
All the bullshit politicians tell