On these pages I will keep past comments and opinions for those who want to read them again
or for first time readers, also for my self.
So one day in the future I can see how ridiculous we where in the past.
And off course also for the C.I.A. , the M.I.5 and all the other secret services in the world.
You never know, one day I may (like John Lennon) end up in the F.B.I. files as a dangerous person.

Talking about danger and secret services:

A reminder to Polititians, Clerics and Bullshitters in General.
If I ever die or be fund dead somewhare in misterious circumstances,
Please remember: I don't want to be a saint, nor a marthir nor a hero.
I don't want them to use my memory as a merit for themselves
All I did In my life was to enjoy life as it is in its rowest of the forms
I don't believe any religion or political party. I live as honestly I can and accept
The good and the bad times in life as part of life itself.
I don't make nobody no ideology whatsoever responsible for any failure in my life
And a message to all those who kill under any other excuse;
None of the people you are killing are responsible for the failure or emptyness of your life.
It is a personal responsability of every individual to make his own life less unbearable,
and if one can do so without gaining power, without hurting someone, without having
to sell his own soul to the devil has my deep respect as a praise.
Who cares about having my respect?
who do I think I am, The richest man in the world? The President of the United States?,
The king of some rich country?
The pope?, The powerful leader on some powerful Religion?
The famous leader of some terroristic force?......
No my dear reader, none of the above but someone much more powerful
someone much more important in the history of mankind
I think I am me! Renato Nioi a simple and clear man who had the courage to live life
for what it is. No addictives no brain wash no ideology, no hatred no vengance,no status
Only pure simple hard and joyous life. Please don't hate me for that.

To the general public: If by chance any of my poems or lyrics becames a hit don't think of me as a VIP,
don't call me a genius, (I know I am one)
don't deprive me of the joys of anonymity, I have written only what humanity has made it happen.