He was a sweet soul,
he had dreams he had "THE" smile and a purpose in life.
Not so the lost soul that was handling the knife.
Chorus : Damilola Damilola ! Damilola Damilola.
May the angels of mercy forgive what they have done
may the justice of God, reach where the humans's can't.
Chorus : Damilola Damilola ! Damilola Damilola.
On the streets of Peckham
nights and Days are all the same
every light and every shadow
every leaf on every three,
every brick on every wall
are all whispering his name.
Chorus : Damilola Damilola ! Damilola Damilola.
We shall not see you anymore,
with your friends playing around,
no more school no more computer,
no more fuss in the playground
no more running on the grass
but your spirit and your smile
will for ever live with us.

This song is dedicated to Damilola Taylor, killed by other kids at the age of ten. When this happened I was very sad and angry because when I was ten, I had the same hopes and dreams, me too wanted to escape the poverty of my homeland and give better life to all my family. Eventually things didn't go the way I hoped, I didn't achieved all my objectives but I am still alive, he is no longer with us. I hope not to hurt his family with this and I also hope this song one day is sung in all churches and sinagogues and mosques all over the world.
Warning : no one under no circunstances is allowed to make any money out of this song.