Dreams & Drumms

Deams & Drumms. I was happy was in love with you
but this morning you told me on the phone
that you got a new man as from now
I am the one that is living alone.
Oh please don't give me your excuses and your tears
I can handle my life without fears.
Just give me back my dreams and my drumms,
Give me back my drumms and my dreams.
With my drumms I can play a song,
until the next love comes along,
with my dreams I can get through the day,
write the rhymes to what I sing and I play.
Give me back my drumms and my dreams
life without you isn't as bad as it seems.
Give me back my dreams and my drumms
save the tears for your man when his time comes
. Let me go without say one more word,
loosing you is not the end of the world!

Ever been dumped by a partner? I have. And the following song above is my answer to it. Dreams & Drumms. The dreams are all our hopes and thoughts when we live with a partner, all those little things you would want take with you when you are dumped.. I call the drumms our capability of chatting up a member of the opposite sex in order to arouse he's/her's interest in ourselves. So many words to say "courtship" well I am not sure about the existence of such a word in english and I don't want check on the dictionary.