Sofisticate beauty named Haiyan,
it is the Chinese for seagull.
She's got the grace of one
when walks down the mall.
Silky dark hair smooth clear skin,
sexy cover girl on a glossy magazine
She's got a look misterious and intense,
indomitable soul and sharp intelligence.
We met near the river one day before sunset
I lost my heart to her the first time we met.

Few days after a holiday in Croatia I met a beautiful chinese girl, named haiyan that means Seagull in chinese.
I was driving a tourist tour bus in London and she boarded the bus at the Trafalgar Square stop, because I can't resist feminine beauty (if I could I'd have saved myself lots of heartake in my life) I chatted her until eventually we decided to meet again. At the London Eye stop she alighted, we changed E-mail addresses she took a photo of me and made a huge smile full of promises and she went in direction of the river Thames. She E-mailed me about six weeks later. The things she wrote me on the net were way too good for me expecially because she didn't know me well, I was tempted to accept all the love she was showing me but a tyne little voice in the back of my mind was telling me to slow down, apply the brakes, apply the warning lights and think long and well before let my heart running wilde. I think I was right. When we decided to meet in her university appartment in Coventry, it was a bleak afternoon I knew by the forecast on tv it was going to rain at around ten pm and I have to be back in service at six am next day, so I thought would be a good idea, to take the girl out to the local ice rink or local disco, show a few sexy moves in order to arous her sexually, take her back to her appartment make love to her, stay overnight let the rain pass and ride back to london right to the working place. 1 But something went wrong, when we met she doubted if the cookies I brought I have really baked them myself and that annoyed me a lot then she doubted I have really composed my poems and that pissed me off. When she wanted to show me how her name is written in Chinese, I acted stupidly by ignoring her because to me it was to hard to learn and I think that is very offensive. Anyway we got out we danced separately and at about ten thirty I told her I wanted to leave and come back to London (not very romantic I guess) so I took her back to her appartment and at11.20 pm I was on my byke in the torrential rain and arrived London at 1.50 am soaking wet and.. yes at six I was at the wheel on the bus. End of the story? no not yet, the following day we were both very cold on the phone and one day later she E-mailed me again calling me funny guy on the salutation line, I didn't replay. The day after she E-mailed again this time she told me to have a boy friend in Manchester yet I didn't replay and I did what I always do in these cases, erased her number from the memory of my cell phone, cancelled her E-mail address from my file waited five weeks and took my revenge. I composed a poem about her as a prove that I really write my poems I signed my poem as "funny Guy " and and posted to her university course address, Now she knows that whoever she dates out, may be a beautifull man, may be taller than me, may be twenty years younger than me but will never be able to write poems as I do and never bake the tipe of bisquits I do not to say nothing, the way I ice-skate or the way I dance. REVENGE IS SERVED.