This is the first episode, others will follow.


He appeared at the edge of the flat plains,
the raising sun at the back projected he's shadow down towards the middle of the plains
where the slaves of the right master were fighting the slaves of the left master.
Freeman could see the masters, they were two heads as huge as rounded hills
They were watching their slaves fighting each other.
They noticed the sudden appearance of freeman and ordered their respective slaves to stop the fight
for the moment join forces, fight freeman, chop he's head off and bring it to them.
The one who would deliver freeman's head would have a brand new sword as a price.
Freeman was approaching fast casting a frightening shadow before himself.
The slaves charged with their swords, their war cry and their anger
freeman fought all of them and defeated them without killing a single one of them.
The slaves were on teir knees begging for mercy, one spoke for them all:
he said you are invincible, we are your slaves whenever you want give us the order
we shall attack our old masters, kill them, bring you their heads and fight at your orders only.
Freeman coudn't hide an expression of disgust and replied:
I am a free man; I have no slaves, I have no masters, I have no followers I have no leaders.
I am free, I am busy enjoying my freedom,
I have no time to waste in comanding slaves or being comanded and now get out of my way
all of you waste of human beings.
One of the slaves asked; what are you after?
Freeman replied; knowledge. Then the slave asked again: is it better than power?
Freeman said knowledge is the only power, knowledge is everything,
no one can take it away from you when you have it, and you don't need to fight to keep it.
You can pass it to everyone but still possess it yourself.
Freeman posed two seconds and continued: while the power you know,
that miserable digusting power of a man over onother man, is an illusion,
once you have it, you must fight all your life to keep it,
until someone stronger takes it away from you and the story starts again and again and again.
That you call power, that is blindeness it is cowardice that lives in the arid hearts of miserable people
who don't have the courage to live their life in freedom and to hide their weakness
gain power over other man because the bigger is the misery they inflict to others the smaller
it looks the misery they harbour in their empty souls.
They are sick and so are all those who play their game.
The slaves were raging with anger and hatred, freeman walked through leaving them behind,
as they seen he's back, jumped on him, chopped off he's head
and fought each other for the posession of he's head,
a second later they noticed a new head appearing on freeman's shoulders,
in the blink of an eye they cut the second head off as well
So they thought our masters shoud be good with us, we are bringing them one head each.
But the heads in their hands, suddenly disappeared and they turned on to freeman again and again,
cutting off he's head again and again and the chopped heads disappeared again and again
while freeman kept walking on his direction growing a new head each time one was chopped off
until he disappeared beyond the horizon.

The next issue will be ready soon, very soon,too son for your weakened heart
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