Singing Like a Bird

Sometimes I can sing
like a bird in early spring,
When my friends call me out... and I can see
they can't go without me.
Hit the disco and dance till the night ends
tireless and happy when I am out with my friends
. God meant discos for people to have fun,
I don't miss a chance I dance everytime I can.
When you and your friends feel the same way
still in control but a little bit insane
and you want to dance and you want to sing and you want to say
forget about yor job forget about your boss! Let's do it again.

Remember your hey days? Everybody has had them once but I have had them three times and just about to start the forth time, yes folks my hey days span for thirty years through four different countries in four different languages. My last hey days to date were in 1995-1999, the year relating to the poem above . written in Luton on my desk at Debonayr Airways. Back then I was very much in demand by my friends. Think ... I was forthyfive and girls less than a half my age would call me to their parties, would knock at my door to get me out dancing, I would dance tireless all night long and sometimes beautiful young girls would approach me to chat me up. At that time I use to dye my hair and I looked like a thirty years old guy. Because of that I stopped to dye my hair and guess what... I still attract young girls, God knows what they see in me, I am not famous, I am not rich and not even well endowed... anyway thank you girls for inspire me this song.