Soledad! Companera de almas profundas
vas de paso con mentes vagabundas,
Acoplas la joya con la melencolia
y confundes la tristeza con l'alegria.
Soledad! Soledad!
Madre de suenos lindos y de esperanza viva
que te subes duena de la realidad.

Spring 2002 I was working for a bus company in central London and had my lunch breaks at the Strand so I use to take a double expresso at the local Starbucks coffee shop and made friends with the staff. There was an argentinian lovely girl called Soledad which means loneliness in spanish. When she introduced herself I might have shown an expression of sadness because she pronounced her name with a hint of sadness in her voice. So promptly she added but call me Maria. I know the melancholic soul of Latin-americans and said, no if your real name is Soledad I call you Soledad, then we become friends. I wanted to write something about that name , because I have been there I have been alone and I know the feeling. I wanted to describe loneliness from a poetical point of view because loneliness is not such a bad thing if you are alone because you can't find the right persons to make friends with, that makes you stronger and that type of loneliness brings you closer to yourself and protects you from bad companies if you are strong enough to bear it. That kind of loneliness makes you have wonderful dreams where you are always meeting wonderful persons and also strengthens your spirit and your hopes for the future. That is all what the above poem is about. I wrote it in Spanish because wouldn't make any sense in english and also because Soledad is a Spanish name. This is dedicated to you lovely Soledad