The Bus Driver Blues!

Two bisquits and a coffee before the morning rush
on the left hand a tube on the right a thootbrush.
Minutes later I am on the bus driving up and down the road,
transporting with care my sweet and sour load.
Turning to the left turning to the right
pass the round about straight at the traffic light.
Oh boy ! this is the bus driver blues. Yes is the bus driver blues.
The controllers on the stand with their grimace of pain
whether I do it right or wrong must take their complaint.
Someone asks silly questoions like "driver are you passing by the church ?
and sometimes some roads are closed for "demonstration's march"
Then some kids board the bus
yelling and making fuss
running and stomping everywhere,
transforming a bus ride in a mobile funfair.
Turning to the left turning to the right
pass the round about straight at the trafffic light.
Is the bus drivre blues ..yes the bus driver blues.
the bus driver blues, the bus druiver blues.
Back home back in my bed , telly's telling the news
I play with my lover the night bus driver's blues.
Pulled the curtains closed ,switched off the light
I'll see you in the morning from all of us goodnight..

by the genius...RENATO NIOI course. For nearly five months I worked for a tourist bus company in london during the summer 2002 and everything seemed to be OK. But towards the end of the summer, my superiors had begun to give me a lots of hard time in order to make me leave, I knew that when I started working for them but I needed to stay a few more weeks They were really pushing me hard with their controllers at the bus stands treating me very badly, sending a lots of mysterious passengers on my bus to find an excuse to fire me so I decided to let them know that I knew what was going on and in order to resist a few more weeks I have written a teasing song about me and them. It is a song were they appear as ...well what they are and me as the only serious man of the lot who wants to do his job and go home for his life. In other words the only real person of the lot who's got a life outside the working place. Because what is happened to me, happens to all othe bus drivers as well and many of them are females I wrote the song in sex neutral way so even female drivers and gay drivers can identify themselves in the song