The Lucky Man

Who is the lucky man?
who is the lucky one?
Who kisses your lips
who cudles your hips
Who when the night comes
until the sun rises
finds in your arms all his paradise.
Tell me there is no one
tell me you wish was me
me the lucky man
and I wish I was he
he the luky man.
Me, who kisses your lips
me, who cudles your hips
me when the night comes
and when the sun rises
buried in your arms
in my paradise.

It was a late spring afternoon 2001 I was driving the bus along Kings Road I was stuck in traffic just fifty yards from my right turn in to Lots road. I had my window open and a convertible BMW stopped by my side. Two black girls inside, they were ....beautiful me to say beautiful actually they were beautiful beyond beauty and they were singing and laughing and ..oh God .. they were looking at me, how could I have possibily resisted. I chatted them and I remember I said... where two beauties like you are going to cause damage? Why don't you wait for me? You know I am an italian poet, I am romantic, I am wilde I am good "I AM THE MAN". They liked my say and told me they were going to a pub for an after work party and guess what ..... they invited me too. I felt ... well I can't describe how I felt I only remember I begun singing in the direction of the one at the driving seat.....I sung....... Who's is the lucky man, who'is the lucky one, who kisses your lips who cuddles your hips when the night comes burued in your arms. She was flattered, she looked at me asked my name and said we wait for you at the pub please come or we come to your garage and get you. I don' tell you how did it go but you can read the completed song, on the lines above which took me only two hours to complete.