The Suicide Attemptor!

Why kill yourself my son ?
disgusted and tired of being a man?
Everryday you should wish to live one more day,
There is no need to suicide as we'll die anyway
Life for you may not be a great fun
but such is every life under the sun.
Some show happiness on the outer skin
but sorrow and delusion are hidden within.
There are no lucky or unlucky ones,
we are all pretenders, all comedians.
So if you dislike the role you play
please don't throw your life away.
Take a break, have a rest,
watch other's play, spot the best.
Isn't this an exciting show?
do you still want to go?
The greatest challange my dear friend
it is to stay right until the end.

Ever heard of someone famous, infamous or just an unknown person who committed suicide? Who hasn't. Ever thought of the suicides years later when the world situation has changed how well they would fit in the contemporary world that none of them would have committed suicide? Too late you see? If any of them were still alive wouldn't have done it. So why none of the suicides thinks of this and sink in their despair It must be impatience of getting to the end of the show. How can it be? Well in this world there are millions of people without a life of their own and they spend their time manipulating other people's life in order to feel important and alive. This people are higly regarded in our society , they play roles of importance in our community, sometimes it is just a partner who manipulates the other partner. The victim is always a creative person that is so immersed in it's own creativity, in it's own world that don't notice someone who is manipulating them. Once the mastermind has established he's/ her's power over the creative person, like a heroine addicted, wants more of it and eventually, ends manipulating more than one person at time, giving roles to play, setting up rules and scores and creting situations where they spare for themselves roles of comand and control. The creative person feels sad and mortificate and thinks that life is not whorty living. The manipulators don't see themselves as such but as a superior intelligence that has the right to act the way they do without remorse. They actually are psycological parasites who sucks emotions from other peoples life. Without a victim to manipulate they would be like an empty bag. When a creative person fall victim of a manipulator life sucker and is given a role to play, when is fed up of that role which he/she thinks to be their real life, as an act of rebellion instead running away from their prosecutor, they eventually kill themselves. I have composed this poem in 1994 while attending a job club in Islington. And I think this is just a masterpiece of written geniality, don't you think so? Well my name is not Modest, my name is Renato and I am a genius.