What is Love

Love is a delicate flower,
honesty is it's fence.
Constancy it's fertiliser,
devotion is the dew on it's petals.
Lies are the hail,
carelessness is the chill
. Unfaithfulness is the hurricane
that uproots it completely.

This happened in 1992, I was studying a stage craft course at a local college in Bethnal Green, back then I remember I knew a lots of people, expecially girls and everybody was talking alot about love. I wanted to express my understanding of love and composed my first poem in english. Because I didn't have nobody in particular to whom dedicate the poem I gave it to Sandra, an Australian lesbian that in my opinion was the only real person of the lot, I founded all the others, artificial and shallow. Sandra was very touched by my poem and that made me feel proud. Two months later I failed my acting project on stage with a real audience made of local people, they laughed their hearts out and I think they are still laughing. Sandra didn't laugh instead she and her girlfriend, spent a great deal of time helping me out of that nightmare. Thank you Sandra, wherever you are I love you. Here is your poem again From Renato Nioi.